The Shopify Fashion Industry Report: Get Ready to Grow!

2 min read

Showcasing the biggest opportunities and threats in 2020, the recently published Shopify Fashion Industry Report is a...

2020 Is Unpredictable. Is Your Digital Growth Strategy Ready?

3 min read

A new year has begun, and your growth teams are implementing company growth strategies and allocating the budgets...

Marketing & AI: What Your Business Needs to Know in 2020

2 min read

Forbes magazine’s recent article, “Nine AI Marketing Trends Set To Explode In 2020,” is a great resource for anyone...

Lessons from Top Apparel Companies: Building a Data-driven Growth Strategy

2 min read

Discover why many of the biggest and most influential fashion brands are using data to power their growth Today, we operate...

Macmerise reduces its CPA in India by over 40% using

2 min read

The application’s AI engine boosted results in just 4 weeks By relying on the optimization features of online ad...

Why Everyone in Digital Marketing is Talking About Segmentation Again

4 min read

In the never-ending struggle to gain a competitive advantage and achieve market dominance, the go-to tool for almost every...

Investing in MarTech? Use this test to see which one’s worth getting.

3 min read

Once considered too complex and expensive, marketing technologies (with well-integrated tools, roadmaps and best practices)...

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