How Sapphire used Data Science to beat its RoAS Targets by 35%

By Dinesh V

Fashion and apparel are a leading product category in the Pakistani e-commerce landscape The vertical is growing at an...

Why Everyone in Digital Marketing is Talking About Segmentation Again

By Dinesh V

In the never-ending struggle to gain a competitive advantage and achieve market dominance, the go-to tool for almost every...

Investing in MarTech? Use this test to see which one’s worth getting.

By Dinesh V

Once considered too complex and expensive, marketing technologies (with well-integrated tools, roadmaps and best practices)...

How e-Commerce Companies can beat Stagnation & Achieve their True Potential

By Dinesh V

For a moment, imagine yourself climbing a treacherous mountain Your progress is as good as you hoped and you’re already...

Working out which products to market using organic demand

By Niroshan Samuel

While most e-commerce companies offer a large number of products, identifying which ones to market can be a major challenge...

Internal Site Search Analysis: What are your visitors really looking for?

By Niroshan Samuel

Key Benefits of a Site Search Analysis On sites with many products, it will help identify which ones visitors are most...

How to Spy on Your Competitor’s Facebook Ads

By Niroshan Samuel

You know your competitors You know they’re on Facebook You know that they do very well through Facebook thanks to their...

Three Remarketing Audiences You Should Not Miss

By Niroshan Samuel

Remarketing is a great way to reconnect with people who have already interacted with one of your digital properties Whether...

Target your most Profitable Online Audiences with Data-Driven Precision

Get the audiences you need for the outcomes you want. Alavi identifies segments with the best potential to maximize your returns.

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