3 Bizarre Marketing Mistakes that Stop Companies from Growing (And How to Prevent Them)

By admin / February 28, 2020

3 min read

Small and medium businesses are always making silly mistakes in their sales and marketing. In this post, we’re going to highlight 3 of the biggest ones so you can stop making them and remove yourself from this bizarre class of poor marketers.

Let’s get into it.

Bizarre Marketing Mistake #1: Being Lazy About Self Promotion

This is the most common mistake for small and medium-sized companies. Many CEOs senior staff hate to self-promote. But if people don’t know about you, they can’t find you and you won’t get any new customers. If you don’t get customers, your business will die. Makes you wonder why so many small and medium-sized companies make this bizarre marketing mistake.

You must scream from the rooftops. Every blog, newspaper, street corner and rooftop should scream your name. People need to know about you and your awesome product. You must talk about yourself.

To get started, get yourself posting on message boards online. Quora, Reddit, Yahoo Answers and any other online message boards and forums that might relate to your business.

Link back to your website whenever you post and make sure your profiles and blurbs always point back to your site. If people like what you’re shouting about, they’ll find you.

Bizarre Marketing Mistake #2: Ignoring the Google BERT Update for SEO

Googles BERT update has said by the company to be its “biggest leap forward in the past five years.” The problem is, you can’t optimize for it.

The BERT update is Google’s improvements to its understanding of natural language. It uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to understand complex keywords and their context.

Most marketers aren’t sure what to make of this new update. Google has made it harder to ‘trick’ the search engine into thinking your optimized for certain keywords. Instead, Google now rewards the most natural content for your users. Marketers should focus on responding to the true intent of the user, instead of stuffing keywords into every area of their page.

You should think about what the viewer actually wants to learn. Your content should solve their issues and deliver on the promises they are seeking. Create a memorable experience for your customers through high quality content, and you’ll increase your ranking.

It’s counterintuitive to the old ways of optimizing for SEO. Those old ways are still relevant, but there will be more of a focus on natural language with this new update.

A big bizarre mistake, marketers are likely to make, is to ignore this Google update and keep trying to use the same old keyword tricks.

Bizarre Marketing Mistake #3: Avoiding Networking

Networking is like SEO but in the real world. Instead of posting on message boards for links and creating relevant content, you’re putting your message out there to real people in a targeted environment.

You need to be finding events that relate to your business. For fashion businesses, you should go to every fashion and clothing event you can. At these events, talk to people. Scream about yourself – don’t be reluctant to self-promote.

Find the influencers in this area and connect to them. Offer yourself as an interview subject and tell them about your business. Influencers are always looking for content to help them promote their own business, and they are bizarre too, so they forget to ask for interviews. Offer first and see who takes a bite.

Connect to bloggers, authors and event managers so you can have more opportunities to speak about your business and share your message. When they want to share what you’re doing, that’s where you get strong links back to your website and have the customers flooding in.

In Conclusion

Marketing isn’t as hard as you think. All you need is a dash of creativity and a pinch of boldness. If you stop making these three huge bizarre mistakes, you’ll be on track to boost your business. It’s time to get started.

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