2020 Is Unpredictable. Is Your Digital Growth Strategy Ready?

3 min read

A new year has begun, and your growth teams are implementing company growth strategies and allocating the budgets...

Marketing & AI: What Your Business Needs to Know in 2020

2 min read

Forbes magazine’s recent article, “Nine AI Marketing Trends Set To Explode In 2020,” is a great resource for anyone...

Lessons from Top Apparel Companies: Building a Data-driven Growth Strategy

2 min read

Discover why many of the biggest and most influential fashion brands are using data to power their growth Today, we operate...

Stop Walking & Start Running: How a Sneaker Startup 3X its Revenue

4 min read

SneakerTub, the North American subscription service, boosted results in just 3 months! With so many brands bidding...

Singapore’s FarEastFlora.com Blooms with Alavi’s Digital Marketing AI

3 min read

Leading florist accelerates its growth profitably in just 3 weeks Due to increased competition and broader targeting...

Macmerise reduces its CPA in India by over 40% using Alavi.ai

2 min read

The application’s AI engine boosted results in just 4 weeks By relying on the optimization features of online ad...

How Alavi tripled clothing brand J.’s ad spend returns in just 1 month

3 min read

Precision targeting helps the online retailer reignite its growth With competition on pay-per-click ad platforms...

Why Everyone in Digital Marketing is Talking About Segmentation Again

4 min read

In the never-ending struggle to gain a competitive advantage and achieve market dominance, the go-to tool for almost every...

Investing in MarTech? Use this test to see which one’s worth getting.

3 min read

Once considered too complex and expensive, marketing technologies (with well-integrated tools, roadmaps and best practices)...

How e-Commerce Companies can beat Stagnation & Achieve their True Potential

3 min read

For a moment, imagine yourself climbing a treacherous mountain Your progress is as good as you hoped and you’re already...

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