Digital Security: The Critical Shift from Control to Risk Based Thinking

2 min read

For many businesses the next wave of growth will most likely involve going digital, improving analytics across customer...

How a ‘Human Image’ can Kill Conversions

4 min read

Human Images have been used in advertising for centuries Without a doubt, human faces in advertisements grab our attention...

A Proven Formula for Optimizing Campaigns to get Future Conversions

2 min read

Campaign optimization is a major task and responsibility for a campaign team because optimization logic decides the return...

‘Long Term Memory’ Marketing: How to Stop Wasting your Advertising Budget

3 min read

Our brain contains two types of memories: short-term memory (or working memory) and long-term memory Short-term memory is...

Multi-Property Attribution Model: Hotel Marketers Can’t Ignore It Anymore

3 min read

Measuring campaign success across multiple channels is essential to gaining insight to invest on each channel Nowadays,...

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