Post Lockdown: How Consumer Behaviour In India Is Changing

By Neha Garg / July 29, 2020

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Digital marketing and online growth professional, Neha Garg, weighs in on three consumer behavioural shifts she is observing in India. These shifts are likely to influence present and future digital media co­­nsumption patterns as well as impact online brands.

1) Changing Screen Time and Content Consumption Patterns

  • With more people staying and working from home, commutes have reduced significantly resulting in fewer consumers engaging with music, song playlists and content (video, audio, and text) while traveling.
  • More consumers now have fragmented work and break schedules, which has changed their screen time and social media engagement patterns.
  • Overall digital content consumption has increased across India.

2) Consumers Turning Brand Agnostic

  • Consumers appear to have less brand loyalty due to the pandemic. And this new behaviour gives private labels a brilliant opportunity to push their brands and products.
  • In the period immediately after a lockdown, consumers prefer discounts to safety or “safe” products and brands. With “panic buying” and “revenge shopping” decreasing, pent-up demand has slowed down, and given the current economic situation, consumers want discounts and offers.
  • Consumers are less likely to respond to communication related to “safety” and “convenience.” Online brands need to identify more creative ways to maintain on-top-of-mind brand awareness in the post-lockdown period.

3) Increased Financial Concerns

  • Most consumers prefer essentials over other products. Therefore, online brands should focus on their core products and maximize their efficiencies for a higher ROI/ROAS, rather than experiment with new products or categories.
  • Search for Mutual Funds has seen a spike of 4X, which means people are conserving for the future.

What kind of #shifts are you observing post lockdown?
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Neha Garg is the Growth Manager at Zivame, India. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own. They do not represent the views of and do not represent or reflect the position or views of any other company, institution, or individual with which the author is affiliated.