Working out which products to market using organic demand

By Niroshan Samuel / April 26, 2019

1 min read

While most e-commerce companies offer a large number of products, identifying which ones to market can be a major challenge (marketing all of them would be very expensive and probably unprofitable).

More often than not, there are products on an e-commerce site that sell despite receiving very little support from paid channels. This means that customers have chosen to visit the site and complete a purchase with little to no marketing. This could be because these products are unique or they have a competitive advantage. These are products with organic demand.

Action Item: “Find products with organic demand using Google Analytics and start a campaign to capitalize on their success.”

This will help you reach people who want a particular product but are not aware of its value proposition or that you have it.

How to do it:

  1. Use Google Analytics to calculate the Organic Sales Ratio for last 7 days
    Organic Sales Ratio = Sales via Organic Channels/Total Sales
  2. Identify products with a higher ratio and launch separate campaign for each one (keep checking stock availability)

Actual Results

We ran a campaign for 4 days and achieved:

  • CPA – 5X lower than the site average of $15
  • AOV – 2.4X higher compared to site average of $21